Monday, October 30, 2006

"Celebrity Paranormal Project" Wins Prestigious Award

Salem, MA--A publicity staffer for VH1's popular reality television series Celebrity Paranormal Project announced Thursday that the show has won the coveted "Best Reason To End It All" award this year.

This honor, which is given out each year by American Nihilist magazine, recognizes outstanding achievement in the area of "making us feel like there is really just no reason to carry on," stated magazine spokesperson Will Tupawer.

"Anybody who spends even one hour of their life watching non-starters like Picabo Street and Joe Piscopo wander around an abandoned insane asylum sniffing out 'paranormal activity' really needs to question whether they are just taking up space on planet Earth at this point," claims Tupawer.

"Of course, the fact that Picabo Street and Joe Piscopo even ended up working together on any television series in our lifetime probably constitutes paranormal activity in and of itself, but that is another matter entirely."

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