Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Jury Is Still Out On Sex Offender Trading Cards

Los Angeles, CA--An unusual proposal by The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to market a set of trading cards featuring some of the most notorious sexual deviants in Southern California drew a decidedly mixed response during a recent public hearing on the matter.

Seen as a way to offset the cost of housing, processing & keeping track of the nearly 12,000 registered sex offenders who now call Los Angeles home, the idea was suggested by a local officer whose teenage son had purchased a set of playing cards featuring the images of serial killers on them from a friend at school.

Nevertheless, many members of the public who attended the hearing last Thursday said they would vote against any initiative that resulted in additional notoriety and exposure for those who decide to commit sex crimes.

"These guys need to be put away somewhere and left to rot. The last thing we need is to see the faces of these scumbags on a set of playing cards at the Wal-Mart counter," said a local teacher who asked not to be identified.

"What is going to be next for them--T-shirts or maybe even lunchboxes? We already have a culture that idolizes celebrity above all else. Let's not include registered sex offenders on that list just to generate a few extra bucks for the city."

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