Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Oops, She Did It Again" Voted Most Predictable Headline of 2006

In a recent informal survey of top newspapers and websites, it was discovered that nearly 84% of all feature writers independently chose to go with the headline Oops, She Did It Again to lead off their stories on Britney Spears' recently announced separation from her immensely untalented husband Kevin Federline.

"It was just too tempting to ignore," said Dallas Morning Star journalist Harve Hungerford. "I mean, she is always repeating the same stupid mistakes over and over again in her life, so what else can you say really?"

Meredith McKenzie, editor of the popular celebrity blog "Weekly Web Wackos," also justified her use of the ubiquitous headline by stating that "Ms. Spears may not yet be a woman, but she sure is a two-time loser in the marriage department."

"At least this one lasted longer than her six hour wedding to Jason Alexander, the high school sweetheart she decided to marry on a last-second whim back in 2004."

Other no-brainer headlines culled from the survey included I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun), and the oh-so-obvious and highly unfunny "Hit My Baby (With Divorce Papers) One More Time.

Mrs. Spears was honored that so many feature writers chose to use Oops, She Did It Again in their articles, and thanked them all for "reminding the public that I used to be cute and make records that actually got on the radio."

"Sometimes I think it is just me against the music, y'all," added Spears. "It was nice to see that so many writers chose to honor my accomplishments in the field of singering in this fashion."

Mr. Federline, who is expected to vanish into obscurity at any moment, had no comment for reporters, which was perfectly fine by us anyway.

In a related story, Britney is now asking the press to refer to her estranged husband as "FedEx."

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Anonymous said...

Well I am awaiting for Britneys comeback and I think its going to be bigger than Mariah Carey and I am still a Britney Fan!! Yeah!!! I am so proud of her for finally opening her eyes and seeing what a loser this "fed" guy is!! Go Britney!!!