Monday, November 27, 2006

"N Word" Ban Confuses Many Americans

Los Angeles, CA--In a joint press conference held tonight in South Los Angeles, both Reverend Jesse Jackson and Congresswoman Maxine Waters urged all Americans to refrain from using the "n word" in a public setting, if they could possibly help it.

"We must all fight racism and intolerance at every turn by agreeing not to utter that offensive and repulsive word in polite company from this day forward," exclaimed Congresswoman Waters.

Reverend Jackson seconded this declaration, mentioning that "in his latest YouTube video, Mr. Kramer has shown us all just how much harm the 'n word' is capable of causing."

Reverend Jackson was of course referring to an infamous comedy routine recently performed by Seinfeld co-star Michael Richards, in which Richards used the "n word" 714 times in one night in an unsuccessful attempt to revive his waning career.

"I'm all for banning this so-called 'n word' thing," stated local investment banker Marvin Gardens, "but only under one condition, which is that they first tell us which word we are banning."

Mr. Gardens added that he has already seen the Michael Richards clip numerous times on television, but that "they always spell the word 'n$%&@!' up on the screen, and then bleep out the audio so I still have no idea what it is really."

"Until they decide to tell us, I guess I will go ahead and continue to refrain from using any words with percentage symbols and beeping sounds in them, just to be on the safe side."

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