Thursday, November 16, 2006

Guy #27 In PS3 Line At Best Buy Kept Hoping Somebody In Front Of Him Would Die

Glendale, CA--Unemployed dog groomer Wayne Gaval, who spent most of last evening in line at the Best Buy #44 in Glendale praying that one of the people standing in front of him "wouldn't survive the night," was disappointed this morning that everyone there had indeed lived to see another day.

"I figured that somebody up there might just keel over and die," said Gaval, "but I guess the competition was pretty stiff this year."

Nearly three hundred shoppers were waiting patiently in line at the Glendale store for the new Sony PlayStation 3 to go on sale at midnight. Even though each Best Buy outlet was only given an initial allotment of twenty-six units, lines of hopeful gamers started to form around the store as early as last week.

"I would have gotten here even earlier on Monday, but I had to wait for my stupid girlfriend to get off work before I could get a ride," sighed Gaval.

The new Sony PS3, featuring Blu-ray technology and built-in Wi-Fi capability, retails for nearly $500 for the basic version of the console.

"A couple guys who were up there near the entrance looked like they were in their 30s already," added Gaval. "I was betting that at least one of them would't be able to hold out 'til midnight, but I guess I underestimated their constitution."

Since Gaval was unsuccessful in his attempt to obtain a PS3, he instead plans to use the five hundred dollars to "buy a cheap car, or finally move out of my parent's garage or something."

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