Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rosie And "The Donald" Kiss And Have Makeup Sex

New York City, NY--The feuding between billionaire Donald Trump and itinerant talk show host Rosie O' Donnell took a strange turn last night when "The Donald" paid an unexpected "booty call" to Ms. O'Donnell's SoHo loft.

"All this bickering between us started getting me kind of hot," stated Trump. "I know my wife Melanoma is eight months pregnant, but the heart wants what it wants."

O'Donnell, who showed up late for today's taping of The View with a strange look on her face, had nothing but kind words to say about "The Donald's" sexual prowess and stamina. "I don't know if it is fashionable hairstyle, his manly physique, or the fact that he earns more money in one hour than I have earned since 1972."

"I wouldn't fire her from the bedroom, that's for sure," Trump retorted. "And all my buddies said she would never bat for the other team, but that was before she scrumped Mr. Trump!"

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