Saturday, December 16, 2006

Woman Sent To Hospital After Nintendo Wii Accident

Burbank, CA--A local mother is in stable condition after swallowing a 'AA' cell battery that became dislodged from the Nintendo Wii remote during a particularly spirited bowling match.

"I had just made an incredible 7-10 split in Nintendo Bowling when the battery cover became loose on the 'Wiimote,' explained local exterminator Jim 'Bugs' Reynolds. Next thing I knew, I saw a friggin' Duracell 'coppertop' flying at my wife's skull."

Reynolds' wife Allie, who was cheering her husband on, was in the direct path of the battery, and ended up swallowing the 'AA' cell whole in an involuntary reaction. "She just sat there stunned for a second, and then immediately started screaming."

X-rays revealed that the battery has traveled through Mrs. Reynolds' stomach, and is now lodged in her large intestine. "The doctors say it may just pass through naturally, but if it doesn't, we are looking at some painful surgery for her, and a long recovery to boot," adds Mr. Reynolds.

This incident is just the latest headache for Nintendo, who have recently fielded consumer complaints that range from quality and compatibility issues to broken remote straps on their popular Wii gaming systems.


Anonymous said...

This story must have come from a Sony or Microsoft fan.

Anonymous said...

what media agency is this from!?!

Eric said...

You are seriously one of the dumbest people i have ever heard of!!! i hope that battery stays where it is - you deserve it

Anonymous said...

you guys are morrons change the title stupid doydoydoy