Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gen 2 iPod Shuffle 2 Easy 2 Lose?

Cupertino. CA--After numerous consumer complaints on forums and message boards, the Apple corporation is considering a recall of all second generation iPod Shuffle mp3 players to fix a serious defect in the trendy and popular music devices.

Apparently, after conducting some high-level focus groups to deal with the issue, Apple now admits that the form factor of the redesigned iPod Shuffle is now too small for most consumers to locate in their pockets, purses, and automobiles.

"I guess this had to happen at some point," said Apple spokesperson Ellen Doppler. "We keep making these things smaller and smaller, and it looks like we have designed ourselves into a corner this time."

"The problem is," added Doppler, "it is a corner in which nobody can seem to find their iPods anymore!"

College student Randall Wolfe is one of the thousands of shoppers who purchased a new iPod Shuffle as soon as they hit the shelves last week. "It looked so cool sitting there in the package, that I had to break it out of the plastic and touch it before I got home."

"Unfortunately," Wolfe continued, "it popped out of the package, and landed on the floor of my car somewhere. That was almost ten days ago, and I still can't see the damn thing anywhere!"

Apple is proposing a temporary fix while they work on a new redesign for the player. "Any customer who returns their new Shuffle to the Apple store, assuming of course that they can still find it, will receive a special snap-on case with an extra two inches of plastic added to the base and a lanyard to make the device easier for consumers to locate," explained Doppler.

Also, customers will receive a voucher to trade in their iPods for a larger replacement model, whenever Apple actually gets around to making one.

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DOpitz said...

I just want to voice my opinion about the comments suggesting that the Gen. 2 Shuffle is too small of a form factor. If you find that it is too small and you might loose it the problem might not be the iPod, it is probably you. You might need to pony up the extra $70 bucks and buy a Nano. The new smaller form factor is the only reason to buy a shuffle. If it were any bigger why not buy the Nano? This is the most idiotic suggestion that I ever heard of! The guys at Apple are way too smart to recall it due to the sixze of the form factor. Shake yourself genius.