Saturday, December 16, 2006

India Now Offering Lazy Bloggers The Option To "Outsource"

Bangalore, India--A new service offers hope to the millions of bloggers
who are unable to keep up with the daunting task of updating their blogs on a daily basis.

A company called We Write, U Pay, located in Bangalore, India, now retains a staff of six thousand writers who are all well-versed in common American blogging conventions. For a monthly fee of only $35 USD, the company guarantees to update your blog each day with relevant and engaging content, or they will refund your money.

Company spokesperson Gurpmaloney Changtremeshu explains that "most blogs are written by bored, petulant fourteen year-olds, so many of the freelance writers we retain are that age or younger."

"This way, we can be sure that our writers know specific details about commonly blogged subjects, such as the most popular new ringtones released the rapper Jibbs, and the many lame sexual references that can be made based on the name of the new the Nintendo Wii gaming system.

One of the first customers to sign up for the service is a Los Angeles-based writer in her forties, who recently established a blog called Bye Bye Buy, which ironically enough is about her supposed attempt to curb her outrageous spending habits in the upcoming year.

"This particular one is very easy for me to write," stated freelance Indian blogger Surigesh Chitilatto, "because I am only paid three dollars for each sixteen-hour shift I work for the company."

Chitilatto adds that "my latest blogging post I sent to this woman offers some helpful suggestions to stretch the dollar, like leaving your goats outside the barn at night, so that they will produce pre-chilled milk for you in the morning."

Demand for this useful service is expected to be high, as there are already millions of poorly maintained and underutilized sites clogging up the blogosphere that make up the target market of this fledgling Indian company.

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