Sunday, December 03, 2006

Local Man Wastes Entire Day Waiting For Direct Deposit To Post

Burbank, CA--Local phone sales representative Elton Riggles is embarrassed to admit that he spent the better part of his day on Saturday patiently waiting for evidence of his direct deposit to show up in his bank account.

"At my last telemarketing job, they just paid cash," said Riggles, "but sometimes I lost it on the way to the bank. Well, OK, I lost it at the bar on the way to the bank."

"But, this time, my new employer said that my paycheck would be directly deposited into my account. I thought it was nice of them to offer to drive down to the bank and give them my check, but then this lady in the payroll department explained that this was all done through electronics."

Riggles mentioned that he initially took the job because they told him that they paid "bi-weekly," which he assumed meant that he got paid twice a week. "I thought that was really cool, because usually by the middle of the week, I am like totally out of cash anyway."

After the payroll department straightened out the misunderstanding, they encouraged Riggles to set up an online bank account, so he could take advantage of the direct deposit program.

"They told me I was getting paid on the 30th, so I figured I would check to see if the money was there when I woke up," said Riggles. "When I saw my balance was still like forty-three cents, I figured it hadn't."

"Long story short, I ended up spending most of the afternoon in my pajamas sitting in front of the computer waiting to get paid! Finally, I called the bank, and they told me they don't update the site on the weekend."

"I felt kind of dumb after that."

Riggles is thinking of going back to his old job, which "kind of sucked, but at least I got my money when they said I would get it."

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