Saturday, February 10, 2007

Shock Jock Howard Stern Claiming He Slept With Anna Nicole Too!

New York, NY--In a shocking admission likely to fascinate and confuse those of us already following this story (and really, who isn't), shock jock Howard Stern admitted to sleeping with Anna Nicole Smith soon after she appeared on his popular radio program at the beginning of 2006.

"Yeah, I banged her," explained Stern. "And it was right around the time when she got pregnant with that kid as well."

Stern added that "I know this is really gonna confuse a lot of people, because of Howard K. Stern, that douchebag lawyer of hers who has the same name as me, but I had to come forward in case there was any chance of me inheriting that money that Dannielynn has coming to her."

Stern is of course referring to the multi-million dollar settlement being held in limbo in the courts that resulted from Anna Nicole's previous marriage to billionaire J. Howard Marshall.

"Now that I think of it, I am the third Howard in her life. How odd!"

In a last-minute press conference, Stern also admitted that he kept this story under wraps because "she was still pretty fat when I nailed her, and I didn't want anybody to know that I had taken one for the team."

"But now that there is a whole bunch on money on the table here, I thought I would come clean, so to speak," claimed Stern.

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