Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wikipedia Founder Says Site Is In "Lockdown" Mode; Further Editing Disabled

Huntsville, AL--In a shocking announcement this morning, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced that the "free encyclopedia that anyone can edit" will no longer allow users to add or alter any content on the popular website.

"Basically, we have achieved what we set out to do," claims Wales. "There is nothing out there in the world today that you can't read about on Wikipedia."

"Besides, we just got tired of all the vandalism. Who by this point isn't sick of seeing something like 'Jose is a fag' pop up all of a sudden in the middle of an article about the ongoing violence in Darfur?"

The Wikipedia founder went on to say that the site would continue to cover current events on the homepage, but that any existing article will be switched over to "lockdown" status until further notice.

"We may open up the site for some minor editing in a few months if there are any updates that need to be made," explained Wales. "Also, we are looking into the possibility of corporations 'sponsoring' new articles for a negotiable fee."

Wales admits that "the formerly free encyclopedia that nobody can edit" does not have the same appeal as their original slogan, but thinks that the impact of this policy change will be negligible.

"We haven't had anyone submit a new article in months," explained Wales. "Just seemed like it was a good time to take a couple steps back and look at the big picture here for a minute."

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